Target B270-B272

Target # 12

Description Fires in libraries and rare book collections can be very difficult to extinguish with hand portable fire extinguishers. They can be very expensive (depending on the value of the books) if they are not caught quickly and extinguished efficiently. The greatest single hazard in these situations is arson. Someone gets into the rows of […]

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Target # 13

Description This is what the Model 272 was truly designed for. Operating rooms, ICU’s and CU’s have a lot of electrical “gear” in them. They are often “oxygen enriched” atmospheres making them a potential fire hazard. Bedding, clothes, gowns and the like can become saturated with oxygen, making them very flammable. You can’t use dry […]

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Target # 14

Description Questions from our distributors are being asked regarding the use of the Model 272 for Personal Computers (PC’s) and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s). We have spoken with manufacturers of PCB’s and were told that water damage was not the primary concern, rather it was what is in the water that caused them to worry. […]

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