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Tech Tips # 31

Description The first of the wet chemical extinguishers are coming up for their first hydrostatic test, and as part of that procedure Amerex is recommending a complete maintenance/teardown. The following items are of particular interest: 1. We are hearing isolated reports that the agent sometimes changes color and becomes a light green/blue color. The color […]

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Tech Tips # 32


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Tech Tips # 34

Description Since November 21, 1994 – the effective date for UL 300, only wet chemical systems have been manufactured with UL Listings for protection of commercial cooking operations. Shortly afterwards, a TIA (Tentative Interim Amendment) was issued for the 1994 Edition of NFPA 10 allowing the use of wet chemical extinguishers in lieu of 40B:C […]

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Tech Tips # 35


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Tech Tips # 36

Description Amerex was assigned exemption E-8886 by the Research & Special Projects Administration of the U. S. Department of Transportation on November 23, 1982. The exemption extended the requalification (retest) interval of low pressure specification cylinders (4B, 4B240ET and 4BW) used as fire extinguishers from 5 years to 12 years. The exemption was active until […]

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Tech Tips # 37

Description The Department of Transportation exemption E-11372 expired on February 28, 2005. Amerex Corporation has not requested renewal of the exemption because all of the provisions of E-11372 are now included in 49CFR180.213©(1) and 180.209(j). The provisions of 49CFR180.213©(1) and 180.209(j) allow the use of a pressure sensitive, non-transferable label for marking hydrotest information on […]

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