Target # 10


In “Target” #9 we talked about the more efficient use of water that is incorporated into the design of the Model 272. Another application for the Model 272 and its fine spray pattern is large laundry facilities.

Historically, large laundry facilities have a problem with lint fires occurring in the drying process. These fires may occur within the ductwork, on filter faces or behind the machines themselves.

These fires can become “deep-seated” very quickly and the use of a violent discharge extinguisher can spread the burning lint around. By using the Model 272, chances of spreading the fire are minimized, better penetration can be achieved, the wand helps access tight spaces, and less damage occurs during extinguishment.

Colleges, uniform services, prisons, hospitals, military facilities, large hotels, health care facilities, linen supply companies and industrial laundries all have this same hazard. The Model 272 might just be what they’ve been looking for.


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