Target # 11


No health department will allow the use of food that has had either dry chemical or halon fire extinguisher agent discharged onto it. The Model 272 has several advantages that other extinguishers do not: the controlled application with little splattering or “over spray”, a wand to get to hard to reach places and an agent that is a food product (distilled water).

Have you thought about the difference when using a model 272 in a food processing area compared with a 5 lb. ABC dry chemical extinguisher?

Obviously, the Model 272 is not the extinguisher to be used around flammable liquids in food processing plants or around industrial cooking operations. Our Model 262 would be the extinguisher of choice for fire involved in and around kitchen appliances.

Food packaging areas, whether the local butcher or the industrial meat packaging plant, would be ideal for the Model 272. Other areas in these facilities needing 272 protection include carton storage, label storage, wrapping paper, and bags. Make a list of the existing and potential customers in these particular businesses in the area. Review the 272 tape and this target before making the pitch! This is another new reason to see an old customer.

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