Target # 13


This is what the Model 272 was truly designed for. Operating rooms, ICU’s and CU’s have a lot of electrical “gear” in them. They are often “oxygen enriched” atmospheres making them a potential fire hazard. Bedding, clothes, gowns and the like can become saturated with oxygen, making them very flammable.

You can’t use dry chemical in these situations because of both its respiratory and dust mess problems. You can’t use CO2 because of freezing and oxygen depletion. You can’t use halon 1211 or any of the current “halon substitutes” because of respiratory concerns and cardiac sensitization. Hospitals are even concerned about water because it is not specific in its purity or in the air that may be used to pressurize it.

The Model 272, using distilled water and dry nitrogen for pressurizing is the optimum answer. The agent and soft spray application will do little if any harm to the patient. The majority of the hazards involved are Class A in nature and nothing could be more effective on these hazards than a fine water spray. The Model 272 is UL Listed for Class C applications so it will be safe for the operator to use around all of the electrical gear that is present. In fact, the Model 272 is the best extinguisher to use on a person who has caught fire.

In operating rooms where lasers, electrical cauterizing tools and high intensity lighting appliances are used along with other electronic gear, the operating room has long had a potential for fire. Several medical trade magazines have written articles about this specific problem. The Model 272 is the only viable answer.


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