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Questions from our distributors are being asked regarding the use of the Model 272 for Personal Computers (PC’s) and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s). We have spoken with manufacturers of PCB’s and were told that water damage was not the primary concern, rather it was what is in the water that caused them to worry.

We recently ran a test using the Model 272 Water Mist unit on an operating computer. Data Processing was kind enough to let us use an old 8088 processor based PC complete with monitor and keyboard. We removed the cover of the PC and with it running, sprayed the water mist onto the bare electronics. Within ten seconds the monitor went dead and within twenty seconds the PC went down (circuit breaker tripped). Within three hours, after drying the units with compressed air and nitrogen, every piece was back to normal operating condition.

A simple test you can try is to submerge an inexpensive, pocket AM/FM radio into a clear container of water while it is playing. The radio will stop functioning, but with a little care and time, it will dry out and function normally (just be careful when you remove the cover that you don’t break the power leads).

There are two other examples of water being used on electronics without major harm that you should be aware of. First, electronics used in the marine industry, are usually washed in fresh water during an overhaul process. The concern is not for water damage but more for salt corrosion caused by the intrusion of sea water and/or salt spray into the electronic components. By rinsing the components with fresh water they can rinse off the salt residue and then clean and dry the components.

Last year, Amerex had a sprinkler head and pipe fail in the ceiling of one office. The failure was located right above the desk and PC (486 processor). The PC and most of the office furniture were replaced, however all of the data stored on the hard drive was retrieved. Sprinkler supply water is anything but clean; lots of scale, rust and other contaminants are in this water. Still, the computer was capable (after being dried out) of being powered up and the data transferred successfully, even after being thoroughly doused with sprinkler supply water.

As you run into objections and suspicions about using water on electronics, please feel free to use these examples regarding the safety, ease of clean up and lack of damage that the Model 272 provides. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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