Target # 2


In Amerex Tech Tip #5 we discussed the problems associated with using ABC Dry Chemical on these chemicals. If you read the Tech Tip (enclosed) you will also see that in most cases WATER SPRAY is the preferred agent.
Until the advent of the Model 272, a regular water extinguisher such as our Model 240 was rarely considered because of its straight stream. It could splash and spread chemicals and it could conduct electricity back to the operator.
Now that the Models B270NM and B272NM are available, there is no better choice of extinguisher type for this application.
Think back to the types of customers you have: retail outlets selling pool maintenance chemicals, public swimming facilities, country clubs, schools, pool maintenance companies, hotels, etc. You now have the technical background and the right extinguisher for these customers.
Have you reviewed NFPA #49 for water spray applications?


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