Target # 5


Similar to problems in hospitals, these facilities are concerned about respiratory problems and fire extinguisher training. Many of these facilities require periodic “hands on” Fire extinguisher training for employees. Why use a flammable liquid in depth prop (pan fire) for this training when the most likely incident will involve fabrics, paper or other Class A combustibles?

Here are the benefits of the Model 272:

It is an inexpensive way to train employees

It is easier to clean than dry chemical
Many or most of the hazards involved in these facilities are of a Class A nature
Oxygen enriched atmospheres and fabrics are present in these facilities

There is no fear of spreading a nuisance dust to other parts of the building

There is no concern regarding the release of agents that are cardiac sensitizers

Distilled water, while being more expensive than tap water, reduces recharge costs

No CO2 noise during discharge to frighten residence

Talk with some of these types of customers and see what they think. Let us know what you hear.

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