Target # 7


In all of the sales literature you have seen and in previous TARGET sheets, you have heard us explain why the Model 270/272/B270NM/B272NM is the PREFERRED AGENT/EXTINGUISHER COMBINATION for health care facilities and hospitals.

Why should this concept only apply to those facilities that deal with homo sapiens? Pets and pet owners make up a huge market today. There are even health care plans for pets. As a result of the increasing importance of pets in our society, animal health care has become more advanced in capability and technology.

The same principles of zero toxicity, soft discharge, easy clean-up, nearly sterile agent and lack of air borne contaminants make the water mist unit the right agent/extinguisher combination for animal health care facilities and hospitals as well as human health care facilities and hospitals.

When was the last time you had a reason other than service to call on a veterinary clinic?


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