Target # 9


The Model 272 is designed to make the most efficient use of water. Smaller droplet sizes in the discharge pattern mean that the water will absorb more BTU’s (British Thermal Units) than a solid stream, cooling the fire faster.

For years, people have been instructed to put their finger over the nozzle of our Model 240 2 1/2 gallon pressurized water to create a more effective stream. The Model 272 nozzle and application wand makes this unnecessary and creates a far more efficient spray than your finger ever could.

The application wand allows the operator to keep his hands away from the heat so they can move the spray into the fire and around obstacles. This enables him to get into places that are still glowing. This makes it an ideal choice for wood processing where scrap lumber, chips, pallets and so on may be involved with an incipient fire.

In various testing that has been performed by Amerex, the Model 272 was capable of putting out UL 2A crib fires easily in the hands of completely inexperienced people. Several tests proved that less than 2 1/2 gallons were required by novice operators.

Compared side by side with a standard Model 240 extinguisher, the Model 272 proved to be easier to use and more effective.

The Model 240 still has its place, particularly when range is a factor. The Model 272 has a more constant range throughout the discharge but will only reach effectively to a distance of 10 to 12 feet as compared to the Model 240 with an initial range of 40 feet.

It all comes down to options for your customers based upon their hazards, training and experience. If you have customers in the wood processing industry, talk to them, show them the Model 272 and find out what they think. You might be surprised at their reaction.


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