Target # 1


“No brag, just fact!” – Will Sonnet

Without getting into the advantages of a quality stored pressure fire extinguisher over a cartridge-operated type, Amerex Class D Model 570 stands above all others in the market.

Class D hazards are very dangerous. They burn hot (2500° F for magnesium, even higher for other metals). Most react violently with water, Halons, Halon substitutes and CO2. They emit toxic vapors (lithium fires produce huge amounts of dense smoke; the best extinguisher to use on lithium fires is the Model 571 with copper agent). Proper extinguishing technique may require 8-15 lbs. or more of extinguishing agent per pound of burning material (for more information, look at the label on the back of our Model 570 and Model 571 regarding “extinguishing capacity”). If proper extinguishing technique is not used the burning material may spread throughout the area. Fighting these fires requires an integrated approach including fire extinguishers, safety equipment, bulk agent, and thorough training.

The Amerex 570 comes standard with a long hose and applicator wand. This helps keep the operator away from the heat and toxic vapors (more on this in the next Target 570). This is something competitive units do not have. This unique feature can be written into specifications.

The bell-shaped discharge nozzle is angled 45° to allow agent application from above thus minimizing the dangerous spread of the combustible material. The discharge nozzle provides a soft, easily directed and controlled discharge pattern with the valve fully open. This contrasts with competitive units that require throttling (partially opening the valve).

The Model 570 combines more “user-friendly” and safety features than any other Class D extinguisher. The long hose, applicator wand and soft discharge nozzle make our extinguisher unique in the market. Other Class D units put the operator’s hand (and possibly their face) next to the fire – exposing them to extreme temperatures, toxic vapors and possible burns from flying material.

The Amerex Model 570 is the best Class D Fire Extinguisher on the market – no brag, just fact!


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