Target # 2


In Target 570 #1, we talked about the extreme heat and toxic vapors that may be generated by a Class D fire. It is very important that the person using the Model 570 exercise an equally high level of caution, has appropriate personal protection, and is trained (see OSHA).

Some protection is built into the design of the 570 (e.g. soft discharge, extension applicator, long hose, see Target #1) but other protection should be provided. Heavy gloves, eye protection and a respirator are frequently referenced in Material Safety Data Sheets, National Fire Protection Association and other documents.

In NFPA 49 – Hazardous Chemicals Data under MAGNESIUM, it states: “EMERGENCY RESPONSE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Wear full protective clothing and positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus.”

If you have sold or are selling Model 570’s wouldn’t it also be wise to discuss having this additional safety equipment located next to the Model 570?

Personal protection and safety are always the first concern of every comprehensive fire protection plan!


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