Target # 3


When discussing Class D hazards, it is often mentioned that the end-user has the option of just buying the agent and then using a scoop or shovel to apply it to the burning material. This is true in theory, however, consider these points:

Using a scoop or a shovel puts the operator dangerously close to the fire

Being too close to the fire will expose the operator to fumes and heat

Improper agent storage can lead to its contamination

If that contamination is moisture or water the results could be catastrophic for the person applying the agent

Hand portable extinguishers rely on speed, how fast can a sealed pail be opened? Where did I put the shovel?

Once opened, how does the bulk agent remain uncontaminated?

Shouldn’t you bring up these points and make sure that your customer is aware of both the options and the consequences? Fighting Class D fires truly requires an integrated plan.

Using a hand portable Class D extinguisher will be much safer than other methods. Target #5 will contain more important information further qualifying this Target 570.


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