Target # 5


In Target 570 #3, we mentioned the advantages of using a hand portable listed for Class D hazards instead of using a scoop and pail. As Target #4 indicated, the ability to recommend the exact quantity of agent needed per pound of burning solid means that we need other fire fighting methods in our integrated fire protection planning for Class D fires.

If your customer wants to have an extra margin of safety or wants to be prepared for cleaning up the combustible material safely, the availability of a shovel and pail should be reviewed with them. After the 30 lbs. of agent has been exhausted by initially covering the fire, having a pail and shovel will inexpensively provide protection against the need for more agent that occurs during cleanup. Continue to apply agent with a pail and shovel as hot spots appear. The fire may still be burning deep below the surface. Use extreme caution and be patient. Make sure the fire is completely out before attempting cleanup procedures. (Much more on this in Target 570 #8.)


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