Tech Tips # 36


Amerex was assigned exemption E-8886 by the Research & Special Projects Administration of the U. S. Department of Transportation on November 23, 1982. The exemption extended the requalification (retest) interval of low pressure specification cylinders (4B, 4B240ET and 4BW) used as fire extinguishers from 5 years to 12 years. The exemption was active until March 31, 1995. Amerex did not renew the exemption beyond March 31, 1995 because all of the provisions of E-8886 have been incorporated into 49CFR 180.209(j). This means that as cylinders marked E-8886 come due for requalification/retest, they can be retested to 180.209(j) and if they meet the criteria spelled out, they can continue in service. In this instance, it is not necessary to have a copy of the exemption, E-8886, on file in order to retest/requalify the cylinder. All Amerex cylinders marked with E-8886 also had specification cylinder markings; thus, they should be retested in accordance with the latest requirements for cylinders used as fire extinguishers as currently found in 49CFR 180.209.

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