Tech Tips # 37


The Department of Transportation exemption E-11372 expired on February 28, 2005. Amerex Corporation has not requested renewal of the exemption because all of the provisions of E-11372 are now included in 49CFR180.213©(1) and 180.209(j). The provisions of 49CFR180.213©(1) and 180.209(j) allow the use of a pressure sensitive, non-transferable label for marking hydrotest information on a DOT specification cylinder used as a fire extinguisher. The format of the test markings must be as shown in 180.213(d), i.e. The RIN number must be set in a square pattern as always. Also, if a proof pressure test is used, the letter “s” must be marked next to the year marking. No deviations are accepted unless approved by the DOT Associate Administrator in writing. This means that “punch out” dates on labels are not acceptable, at least as of this writing. This notice applies only to DOT specification cylinders used as fire extinguishers, i.e. 4B, 4BW, 4B240ET, 3A, 3AA and 3AL. Be aware that CO-2 extinguishers or any extinguisher with more than 30% CO-2 by weight do not qualify as fire extinguishers under 173.209(j).

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