Subject: FAA circular Docket FAA – 2009 – 1225 regarding contaminated Halon 1211 in fire extinguishers aboard aircraft

Amerex Corporation has never purchased, received or used Halon 1211 as supplied by the suspect company mentioned in the FAA circular for use in the manufacture of our Halon 1211 fire extinguishers. The Halon 1211 that Amerex Corporation has used in the manufacture of our extinguishers has met all applicable specifications and requirements of UL 1093.

Amerex Halon 1211 extinguishers that have been recharged in the field, subjected to an internal maintenance or hydrostatically tested and refilled by field service agencies are outside of Amerex control and documentation. Therefore, Amerex can only attest to the quality of the Halon 1211 used in Amerex extinguishers as they leave the factory. Amerex has supplied non-UL empty extinguishers for the U.S. military to be filled using the military’s supply of Halon 1211.

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