Coast Guard Approved 2½ Gallon AFFF ATC Foam Extinguisher

• 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Stored Pressure Design
• Polished Stainless Steel Cylinders -USCG Models have Durable High Gloss Polyester Powder Paint Coating
• All Metal Valve Construction
• Exclusive crevice free, butt welded cylinders
• Temperature Range +40°F to 120°F

• Leaves no powder residue

• Maximum visibility during discharge
• Large Loop Stainless Steel Pull Pin
• Bar Coded and Bi-lingual Labels

Model 250CG AR-AFFF FOAM Class A:B extinguisher. Easy and effective application with air aspirated nozzle. The Alcohol
Resistant fire fighting agent is effective on fires in a wide variety of Class B materials such as alcohols, polar solvents,
hydrocarbons and combinations such as gasohol. Apply to a non-ignited Class B liquid spill and it will seal the surface
minimizing the chance of serious fire. Ideal for emergency first response vehicles.

  • Class A:B