Small Bus System


  • Para-Transit Vehicles
  • Medical, Fire and Rescue Vehicles
  • Armored Transit Vehicles
  • Parcel Delivery Vehicles
  • Rental Transport Vehicles
  • Shuttle Mini-Bus, Van
  • Vending Delivery Vehicles
  • Cut-A-Way Van
  • Other Front Engine Vehicle Applications



  • Provides Low Cost Fire Detection and Suppression for Front Engine Vehicles
  • Supervised Circuitry with Zoned LED Alarm Circuitry
  • Provides Fire Suppression Capabilities from -40°F to +150°F
  • Cylinder is Non-Rechargable (discard after any use)
  • One (1) Year Warranty On All Components
  • Latching-Zoned Alarm Indication
  • Push-To-Test Function


System Includes: 

  • Charged Cylinder
  • Cylinder Bracket
  • Nozzle/Detector Bracket
  • Pre-Cut Hose
  • Fire Control Panel
  • Display Panel
  • Communication Cable
  • Heat Detectors
  • Nozzles
  • Mounting Hardware
  • * Components may vary depending on vehicle.


Manual Fire Suppression Release on Display Face

  • 1 Hour Battery Back-up Using Standard 9V Battery
  • Audible Trouble and Fire Alarm
  • Vibration Resistant Detection Design
  • Two Heat Detectors and Two Nozzles
  • Rapid Response Heat Detection
  • Rugged and Compact Design
  • Uses Existing Amerex Linear Actuator
  • 10VDC to 30VDC Operating Voltage
  • Internal Relay for Engine Shutdown
  • Low Power Consumption – 60 ma
  • 13.2 Pounds (6kg) of ABC Dry Chemical Powder

Product Description:

Amerex has once again revolutionized the industry with the developement of a cost effecient fire suppression system specifically designed for small – front engine transit vehicles. The Amerex Small Vehicle System (SMVS) is designed specifi cally for use with front engine vehicles such as Para-Transit, Airport Shuttle and other small front engine applications. The SMVS kit includes all hardware components required for a complete turn-key Automatic Fire Suppression System. The electronics portion of the system is made up of a Vehicle Operator Display with Manual Release Pushbutton, a wiring Interface Module, and two Solid State Heat Detectors. The system is continuously supervised for proper operation. If a trouble condition is present, the Operator Display indicates a diagnostic Service System LED. In the event of a Fire condition, Automatic Fire System actuation occurs, an audible alarm sounds, a Fire LED illuminates and an internal relay is energized. The Control Panel features visual LED system status indicators, a silenceable audible alarm. Backup power is supplied by a standard 9 volt alkaline battery. The Fire Suppression System is FM approved. The electronics also carry CE Type approval.

Every product we manufacture is designed with you in mind. The Amerex SMVS system is simple to install, is low mainte-
nance, and has a user friendly interface. With the quality you expect from Amerex products, our expert staff of engineers has designed the ultimate in fire suppression for small transit vehicles.