Futurecom Systems Announces New VRX1000 Vehicle Radio Extender

08/04/2014 McWane, Inc.

A Press Release issued by Futurecom Systems and Motorola Solutions today introduced the VRX1000, a new vehicle radio extender product line that offers portable radio coverage extension for public safety agencies and utilities.

“Public safety agencies are telling us that they are seeking a cost effective vehicle radio extender that can stand up to the most demanding environment.  By working closely with Motorola Solutions we have developed the VRX1000.  Together our 3W simplex VRX1000 and our 10W full duplex DVRS product lines provide total portable radio coverage solutions,” said Paul Halinaty, Futurecom CEO.

Futurecom will be showcasing the VRX1000 at the 80th Annual Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Exposition and Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana this week.

The 700 MHz and 800 MHz versions of the VRX1000 will be shipping in the fourth quarter of 2014.  The VHF and UHF versions will be available in the first half of 2015.