Tristan Posey receives Amerex VPP Star Award

01/21/2020 Amerex Fire
Pictured L-R: Robert Fisher and Tristan Posey

Amerex is pleased to announce this year’s recipient of the VPP Star Award. Each year, one deserving team member who goes above and beyond our safety requirements is selected for the Award. The team member is first nominated by their peers, and the VPP committee votes on the overall winner after evaluating multiple factors. 

Nominated this year were:
Mindy Lowery - QA 
Faye Merchant - Mild Steel/ Wheel Unit Weld Supervisor 
Tristan Posey - Fire Test 
Latasha Williams – Stock 

Each of these nominees set a great example for everyone at Amerex by working safely and ensuring that others are working safely around them.  A huge thanks goes to each of the nominees.

However, one team member must be chosen and the VPP Committee chose Tristan Posey.  Tristan completed CPT training, served faithfully on the Emergency Response Committee, volunteered as a fire marshal, conducted a major clean out of fire test area, and helped secure additional training for several people in the team member’s department. He has also had a consistent supervisor scorecard throughout the year and taken initiative on revamping JSAs in the team member’s department. Lastly, he volunteered on an ergo project outside of his department and the team won.

Congratulations Tristan!