Synapse Wireless Releases ZHA-S1 Twist Lock Zhaga Controllers for Intelligent LED Luminaire Control

04/05/2022 Synapse Wireless


Huntsville, Ala. (April 1, 2022) – Synapse Wireless, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) company and a member of the McWane family of companies, recently expanded its integration path for LED Luminaires with the launch of the ZHA-S1 Twist Lock Zhaga Controller.

The ZHA-S1 is a field installable controller that provides wireless lighting control of LED fixtures that utilize D4i Certified LED Drivers and standard Zhaga connectors. OEM LED Luminaire Manufacturers can use the Zhaga Controller to quickly install an intelligent solution that meets energy requirements for lighting controls in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The Zhaga Controller is DesignLights® Consortium Networked Lighting Controls certified and D4i certified to work with a mixture of vendors that manufacture D4i certified LED Drivers. The enclosure is IP66 Rated with a 5-year warranty. Pairing the ZHA-S1 Zhaga Controller with the SimplySnap Site Controller allows for ASHRAE, Title 24, RoHS, and other energy requirements to be achieved.

“Lighting OEM manufacturers are under pressure to deliver an economical lighting control solution to meet either government mandates or attain utility rebates,” stated Jamie Britnell, Director of Product Marketing for Synapse Wireless. Britnell continued, “The standard four-pin twist lock Zhaga Controller connects to nearly any wattage LED Luminaire and eliminates the need for recertification during the manufacturing process, allowing for easy-to-install integration that complies with the most stringent energy requirements.”

Because the Zhaga Controller integrates with the SimplySnap platform it allows additional control and insights beyond LED energy consumption alone. The SimplySnap solution integrates all controls and sensors to provide insights which can drive facility teams to normalize energy goals, optimize productivity, and enhance profitability across facilities. Contact: Susan Phillip Director of Marketing Synapse Wireless (615) 293-6649 Britnell continued, “The ZHA-S1’s small size and low cost make this a popular choice for adding lighting control to nearly any LED Luminaire. The adaptable, and easy-to-install control solution helps OEM teams and lighting channel partners economically and makes it easy to enable energy efficiency for today and for the future.”

The Zhaga Controllers are available today. Further product information can be obtained at: About Synapse Wireless Inc.

Susan Phillip
Director of Marketing
Synapse Wireless
(615) 293-6649

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