Class D Wheeled Extinguisher

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Wheeled Extinguishers: Amerex manufactures a large selection of wheeled units. Available in Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, Gaseous Clean Agents, and Class D for metal fires.

  • 150 lb. Regulated Pressure Sodium Chloride and 250 lb. Regulated Pressure Copper Powder — two choices for large volume Class D (flammable metal) protection. Model 680 (Sodium Chloride) is effective on magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium potassium alloy fires. Model 681 (Copper Powder) designed specifically for fighting difficult lithium fires. Well balanced for quick transport on 36″ non-sparking rubber tread steel wheels. Both are pressurized with Argon and regulated to a low 125 psi to avoid disrupting the burning materials.


    • Stainless steel collars
    • Chrome-plated brass fill caps
    • Brass hose fittings
    • Live swivels on discharge valve
    • Heavy duty steel cylinder, carriage and hose rack
    • Aluminum UL/ULC bilingual nameplates with bar codes
    • Instructional label
    • DOT/TC argon cylinder with quick opening brass valve
    • Chrome-plated brass regulator
    • Six-year warranty

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