Novec 1230 Wheeled Extinguisher

Extinguisher Type(s)

  • Class A:B:C

Wheeled Extinguishers: Amerex manufactures a wide selection of wheeled units. Available in Dry Chemical, Gaseous Clean Agents, and Class D for metal fires.

Product Specifications

Model 775

The Novec 1230 wheeled extinguisher offers several unique benefits.  3M™ NOVEC 1230 Fire Protection Fluid has a Global Warming Potential of 1 and an atmospheric life of just 5 days making it the long-term sustainable choice that also has the greatest margin of safety of any of the chemical agents in the marketplace today.


  • Environmentally friendly 3M™ Novec 1230™ Clean Agent (0 ODP – 1 GWP)
  • Brass, chrome-plated operating valve
  • 125 PSI operating pressure
  • Heavy duty steel cylinder, carriage, and hose hanger assembly
  • DOT cylinders
  • Quick release 40-foot discharge hose with brass/chrome-plated ball type shut-off nozzle
  • Pressure gauge protected by a stainless-steel gauge guard
  • Corrosion resistant lime/yellow polyurethane paint finish
  • UL/ULC bilingual nameplates with bar codes
  • Large color-coded mylar instruction labels
  • Operating temperature range from -40° to +120° F
  • Six-year manufacturer’s warranty