Halotron BrX

Product Description

Amerex provides a unique solution for Halon 1211 replacement. These fire extinguishers utilize Halotron BrX to fulfill the next generation of aviation extinguisher requirements. BrX is a low GWP and very low ODP clean agent approved for use on commercial aircraft. The extinguishers are constructed of a lightweight aluminum valve assembly and cylinders (Model 351 has a steel cylinder). Models 349 and 351 include a hose that allows the operator greater flexibility for utilization in tight spaces. Amerex is the solution for all of your aviation portable extinguisher needs.

This fire extinguisher comes with an aluminum cylinder, all metal valve construction, and a stored pressure design. It has a Temperature Range of -40°F to 120°F and a 6-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. All models are an EPA approved "clean agent" with low GWP and ODP and the 347, 349 and 351 have been tested for aircraft use.