Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Product Description

Amerex Dry Agent Systems have long been the industry standard for vehicle fire suppression and provide the fastest fire knockdown as well as getting into those hard-to-reach areas where fire might hide. Dry chemical is so effective because of its ability to flow around obstructions to get to the hidden areas where fires start. Water based agents cannot get to these areas allowing the fire to grow and spread. Each system uses vertical or horizontal stored pressure agent cylinders discharging dry chemical at predetermined nozzle flow rates. Dry chemical cylinders are listed to operate within ranges from -65F to 150F (-54C to 65C).

Amerex Dry-ICS Systems combine the strengths of both agents and provides the best possible fire protection option by providing rapid fire knockdown with dry agent and the cooling effects of the ICS liquid agent system. The dual agent is designed for simultaneous discharge or with a time delay between Dry and ICS release for an extended discharge for larger vehicles. The Dry-ICS system meets the dual agent requirement of NFPA 122 for hydraulic/diesel excavators with hydraulic systems larger than 150 gallons.